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Marc Mandon

Included in this section of the site are before and after photos that document some of the work I've done in the past 20 years. Click on the photos below to expand to larger, more detailed views.

Table destroyed "beyond repair" by Hurricane Hugo
Antique Table
Mahogany cup table found in rubbish pile
Antique Table
St. Lucia four-poster bed
Antique Bed
Mahogany desk, ca. 1820, destroyed by hurricane
Antique Furniture
Mahogany table with new back (unfinished)
mahogany Furniture
Nineteenth century mahogany press
Antique Restoration
New construction headboards
Asheville, North Carolina
Mahogany sideboard w/ satinwood drawers
Mahogany four-poster raised from the dead
Mahogany Furniture
Process of bed post repair
Asheville Furniture
New spindle turned on lathe, with original
West Indian Furniture
Bedpost repair
Restoration and Repair
Santo Domingan table with one replacement leaf
Antique Restoration
West Indian cup table


Marc Mandon - Restorer

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